Devin Nunes To Head Trump’s Social Media Company: Republican Representative From California To Resign

Devin Nunes

Donald Trump’s prominent ally Representative Devin Nunes has announced that he would leave Congress to head the social media platform formed by the former President. The Trump Media and Technology Group declared his appointment as chief executive in a statement.

David Nunes said that it was time to resurrect the internet, allowing expression and ideas to flow freely without being censored. Trump was banned by social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for inciting mobs that led to the January 6 riots in the Capitol.

Devin Nunes said that while America had made the net a reality, it would again be an American company to restore the dream of free internet. He said he was humbled that the former President had selected him to lead what he said was a mission.

Devin Nunes said a world-class lineup would be leading the team to deliver on the promise.

Trump Describes Devin Nunes As A Fighter And Leader

Donald Trump has described Devin Nunes as a leader and a fighter who would make an outstanding chief executive of TMTG. He said that Devin Nunes understood that Big Tech and liberal media must be stopped from destroying all that makes America great. He said that Americans were ready for TRUTH Social thus putting an end to political discrimination and censorship.

Devin had been a favorite to turn the House Ways and Means Committee’s chairman if the Republicans seize power after the midterms next year. he is currently a ranking member of the Intelligence Committee. He had been the ex-president’s most strident defender during an investigation headed by Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel, looking into accusations of collusion among Russian officials and Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader claimed that Devin Nunes was the best person to lead an alternative to the big media and big tech cartels

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