Facts Of Life Kickoff With Cast Reunion

Facts of Life
Facts of Life

An episode from the classic comedy of the 1980s, The Facts of Life, was recreated on Tuesday’s Life in Front of A Studio Audience. This definitely managed to transport the live audience to Eastland Academy in Peekskill, New York, where an ensemble of legendary actors- led by Jennifer Aniston and Kathryn Hahn, brought the old comedy to life yet again.

But before the recreation could begin, the original star of the series Lisa Whelchel came up in her Eastland uniform to perform the most iconic theme song of the series, which then culminated in a reunion with former co-stars Kim Fields and Mindy Cohn.

Facts of Life Recreated Before A Live Audience

The presentation on Tuesday too out an episode from The Facts of Life season 3- Kids Can Be Cruel, which featured a vengeful Natalie waging a guerilla war on Blair by arranging her brace-faced Carl Price to wager on a date with her superficial and pretentious friend at a charity auction in Eastland. This reenactment starred Jennifer Aniston as Blair, Hahn as Jo. Allison Tolman played the role of Natalie, while Gabrielle Union played Tootie. 

The Facts of Life also had Jon Stewart playing the role of Carl, although his role had been kept as a secret throughout the rehearsal of the show. There were other guest stars as well with Jason Bateman and Will Arnett of Arrested Development portraying the role of Tim Holifield and Dink Lockwood respectively. 

As we all know, the original run of Facts of Life went on for nine different seasons on NBC, from 1979 to 1988. A spinoff of Diff’rent Strokes, this series shifted the housekeeper of the Drummonds’- Edna Garrett- to upstate New York where she worked as a housemother for Eastland, an all-girls boarding school.