Minari Actress Yuh-Jung Is The First Korean Oscar Winner


Yuh-Jung, the Korean actress from the movie, Minari, created history in the Oscars 2021. She won the award under the category of the “Best Supporting Actress.” The award ceremony was held this Saturday night. With the win, the Minari actress became the first-ever citizen of Korea to bag the award. And this takes place after 93 years of the ceremony being held.

Minari Actress’ Heartfelt Speech

The 73-year-old Korean actress gave a lovely acceptance speech as she stood on the stage. She said that she had only watched the Oscar award ceremony on the tv. This is something that takes place very often when she is living in her own world. The Minari actress stated exactly how she was feeling at the moment. She added that it was very hard for her to believe whatever was going on. 

Yuh-Jung did not forget to extend her gratitude towards the crew of the film. She considered them to be her “family.” The actress said that the film’s director, Lee Isaac Chung, was her “captain.” The first Korean Oscar winner dedicated her award to Kim Ki-young, her first director. 

Minari is a story that revolves around the lives of an immigrant family from Korea, now living in America. The movie got nominated for a total of six categories for the Oscar award. Youn plays the role of a very stereotype-defying grandmother. The name of her character is Sonja. When asked about the journey of acting in the movie, the Oscar-winner stated that it was not that difficult for her. She gave a reason for this. It was because of the fact that she is someone who has already been through so many difficulties. The actress also made acknowledgment of the fact that she is the first artist from Korea to get nominated. 

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