Tyler Perry’s Speech On Humanity Stole The Heart Of Hugh Jackman

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry

The speech was given by Tyler Perry, the American personality from the entertainment industry, at the Oscars, stole the show. The subject of the speech was “hate.” The director spoke about the refusal of hate which became one of the greatest highlights of the 2021 award ceremony. 

Tyler Perry On Standing In The Middle

The “hate” speech had a specific effect on Hugh Jackman, the protagonist from the sequel, The Wolverine. The star took to the social media platform, Instagram, to refer to the subject. He asked Tyler Perry to come together to bring about a change. The actor particularly mentioned the entertainment industry. He approached the director to work together in order to bring about the desired changes in the industry.

Tyler Perry received the humanitarian award, Jean Hersholt. It was there that he talked about his encounter with a woman who was homeless. The story moved everyone. He told that he had been approached by her for help. She asked her for a pair of shoes when the director was reaching for his pocket to offer money. That was when he got reminded of his days when he was homeless with just a pair of torn shoes. After that, the woman asked him if he hated her as he was asked for help. And that is when he replied by saying that he could never do that he himself had been homeless before. 

Tyler Perry had been a homeless person when he was working hard to get through Hollywood. While receiving his speech, he expressed gratitude towards his mother who taught her an important lesson. And that was not to do “blanket judgment.”

Perry talked about standing “in the middle.” He talked about not taking sides against any race, sex, religion or community, and being neutral. He also invited anyone who is willing to join him in doing so. 

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