How An Extra Social Security Check Will Come Your Way In December

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SSI beneficiaries are in line for a double Social Security payment this December. But is it truly a double payment? Each year, recipients of Supplemental Security Income receive their Social Security payment twice in a month. But these double benefits should not be construed as extra money. It is only money from the following month that is paid in advance. Beneficiaries who receive a double Social Security payment in December will get another check before the end of the year. There are some things you need to know about these payments.

Reasons Behind A Second Social Security Payment

The Social Security Administration usually issues SSI payments on the first day of the month. But when such a date falls on holidays and weeks, the agency pays the check ahead of the scheduled date of the first of the month. Thus the payment reaches beneficiaries on the last day of the preceding month, or even earlier if the last date of the month happens to be a holiday.

This schedule ensures that people who retire on the Supplemental Security payment will have the money in hand by the first date of the month. Thus, the second payment that hits your account at the end of the month is not a double payment for beneficiaries. Instead, it is just the next month’s check that reaches you a day earlier.

The December SSI payment should arrive on December 1 as usual this year. But there is another payment in December. The payment for the first of January will be credited to your accounts three days early as the last two days of December will be a holiday. And so will the first of January.

Beneficiaries who receive their benefits as direct deposits will find them reaching their accounts within the day. But people opting for the paper check will have to wait for the postal department to deliver them or it will get added to the Direct Express card.