DOJ Not To Launch Investigation Into Nursing Home Deaths!

Us Justice Department

The DOJ, Justice Department has decided that it won’t be launching a full civil rights inquiry into the nursing home deaths. The DOJ won’t be investigating the policies in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York which allegedly led to many deaths inside nursing homes during this raging pandemic. This news was received from a letter that was delivered to Republicans. 

Scalise Terms This Decision Of The DOJ Is Shameful!

Last August, the Justice Department requested data and information from a total of three states along with New Jersey. It is still unclear whether in a few states, specifically New York, that some policies in nursing homes led to the death of a lot of Americans. This policy has allegedly worsened the death toll during the pandemic.

The policy in question requires all the nursing homes and their staff to accept only those residents who previously got hospitalized due to Covid-19. Now the DOJ has said that it won’t be launching an investigation into these deaths. The letter which was addressed to Steve Scalise, Republican House Minority on Friday stated that no investigation will be launched into a public nursing home inside Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York. 

However, the letter also stated that there are two ongoing investigations into two nursing homes in New Jersey. In his statement, Scalise said that this is an inappropriate decision taken by the DOJ. He described this decision as shameful. By not launching investigations into three other states run by the Democratic Party, the DOJ is acting complicit and trying to cover up the whole issue into these three states run by the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, got massively criticized due to his poor handling of Coronavirus inside the nursing homes of the state during the raging pandemic. 

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