Don Lemon’s Life Is Giving Him Lemons

Don Lemon

And perhaps he won’t be able to make lemonade, after some serious blunders. Don Lemon would be facing serious consequences. Sarcastic comments also need to be within boundaries and overstepping boundaries could be humiliating to some. And keeping workspace boundaries is necessary to maintain a healthy environment in the workspace. And humiliating in any way or body-shaming is not a part of work culture whatsoever.

Don Lemon Is Too Late For Apologies

Although Don lemon later explained he didn’t mean to hurt or harm anyone’s sentiment at any cost. He has humiliated his co-hosts. And to them his ‘friendly’ behavior and remarks were offensive. An insider person has shared, Don Lemon has been doing this for a long time. And being an anchor at CNN is utterly shameful on his part as well, he has proved he doesn’t know how to respect people. And he is a continuous distraction.

Don Lemon’s future at CNN is yet to be decided, as he has proved himself to the complete disgust at the workspace. Even after the incident, he didn’t appear on the recent show.

Even the CEO of CNN Chris Licht had a talk with Don Lemon, and his behaviors in the workspace. Don Lemon has disrespected Nikki Haley, which shocked her and Chris Licht. His apologies are not being accepted, after his continuous blunder, he has been removed immediately from that time slot, although what position he is in currently is not disclosed.

Currently, he has been spending time with his husband in Miami and didn’t appear for This Morning. And closest to Lemon has been avoiding media calls. There is a higher chance of him even staying within the network.

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