Donald Trump Back Sarah Palin In Run For Alaska’s Congressional Seat

donald trump
donald trump

Sarah Palin is returning to politics. The Republican and former Alaskan Governor joined a crowded field of 40 candidates, all contesting for the state’s lone US House seat that fell vacant when long-time Republican Representative Dan Young passed away. Donald Trump has strongly endorsed Palin in her bid.

Donald Trump appeared to be returning a past favor when he said that Sarah Palin had made a shocking decision to support him early in the 2016 endorsements. He won big, and he said that it was his turn.

Donald Trump Retains A Strong Support Base Despite Him Complicity In The January 6 Riots

Sarah Palin is a conservative firebrand Republican and announced her candidature, hitting the campaign trail last week. She will have a tough time vying for the seat in this special election. But Donald Trump’s endorsement will count for a lot as the former president has a strong base in America despite being suspected of his complicity in the January 6 riots.

Donald Trump also spoke of the presidential campaign of 2008 when the late Republican Senator John McCain took Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Dan Young held the seat for close to 5 decades before he passed away last month at 88. The special election is being held to select the candidate to complete the remaining term that ends next January. A primary on June 11 will be followed by a special election on August 16.

Sarah Palin said that the US was at a precarious tipping point, lamenting that Americans continue to struggle due to a worsening inflation rate, high gas prices, and empty shelves.

Donald Trump stated that he was proud to offer his complete endorsement. He urged all Republicans to unite behind Palin, whom he referred to as a wonderful person.

But Donald Trump’s ability to turn around the fortunes of candidates is under intense scrutiny with the midterms approaching in November 2022. He is also weighing his run for the 2024 presidency.