Sarah Palin Has Announced Her Campaign For Congress From Alaska

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska, recently announced on Friday that she was about to run for Congress. She was also seeking to fill the state’s only seat in the United States House after the passing away of Don Young, the longtime Representative for the state.

Palin, who was the nominee for the post of Vice President back in 2008, and is a conservative firebrand, stated that she was planning to honor the services of Young who was in Congress for five decades. She believed that the best way to tribute him would be by offering herself up for the position. Lest it is forgotten, one needs to remember that it was her brand of conservatism that helped stoke the anti-establishment sentiment. 

Sarah Palin Returns To Contest Elections?

Sarah Palin further claimed that the country was currently at a tipping point. And since she had watched the far left destroy the country she loved, she had to step up and fight for what was right. Palin would be joining a filled field of candidates who are pretty likely to replace Young. Although she is years removed from her last bid for the electorate, she is still a household name in the state. 

Ever since she ran for VP, Sarah Palin has not been looking for any other elected office. This comes as a surprise when her party has been moving towards her rhetoric- one that made her a standout character during the VP pick.

Back in 2009, she had resigned as the Governor of Alaska after she and McCain lost to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. She had cited financial restraints and pressure that came with a bunch of ethics complaints. Since then, she has been a recognized figure in most of the convention circuits for the Republican party. 

On Friday, Sarah Palin also teased a heading- she could be in for a possible bid. Goes without saying, most of the media channels had a field day with that information. 

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