Republican Senator Roy Blunt To Oppose Ketanji Jackson

roy blunt
roy blunt

Republican Senator Roy Blunt has stated that he would not support Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the highest court in the land. He cited differences with Jackson’s judicial philosophy. But he also conceded that she was headed for a certain confirmation of complete Democratic support and also the backing of at least one Republican Senator, Susan Collins.  

Roy Blunt said that he sensed that the US President had every right to place a Black woman as the first on the Supreme Court, and he did not doubt his honorable intentions. But speaking to George Stephanopoulos of ‘The Week,’ he said that though he wished he were a part of the historical decision, he doubted her ability to do the type of work that needed to be done by the Supreme Court at present.

The Senator said that he would not be backing her despite his wish to do so. He said he realized the significance of the moment and would be joining other Senators in acknowledging the moment.

Roy Blunt Maintains That The Criteria Was Different For A Lifetime Appointment Of A Judge

Roy Blunt was initially marked out as among the very few GOP members who would cross over to back Jackson’s nomination. Only three Republican Senators had supported the nomination of Ketanji Jackson to the Circuit Court of Appeals, D.C. Roy Blunt had been absent for the vote and had then said that he needed to have further discussions with Jackson before deciding.

Roy Blunt opposed Jackson despite saying it was an important moment for America. He said that a lifetime appointment to the highest court had different criteria than other appointments. He bluntly said that Jackson did not meet the benchmark.

While the Senate is yet to decide on the date of the vote, Monday has been set for the voting by the Judicial Committee of the Senate.