Republican Rep. Scott Perry Next Chairman Of House Freedom Caucus: Had Conspired To Reverse Presidential Elections

Scott Perry
Scott Perry

Rep. Scott Perry, a Mid-State Republican under Congressional scrutiny for his part in the plot to subvert the 2020 elections set to have the House Freedom Caucus starting next January. Scott Perry is a founding member of this group. A Senate report had detailed Scott Perry’s role in Trump’s role in overturning the election results.

Scott in a statement released Monday night said that he was ready to continue ‘holding the line’ for the candidates and policies that are supported by the group. He steps in for Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Arizona). Biggs chaired the group from 2019 and his term has ended.

Scott Perry’s office has remained silent on requests for an interview. The Group was formed in 2015 and has 45 lawmakers from 21 states as its members. The group had been closely linked with Trump to push his policy goals in Congress. They have earlier pushed Republicans to be more aggressive in pursuing conservative policy goals.

Scott Perry Next Head Of Caucus That Has Been A Cause Of Discomfort For GOP Members

The group has courted controversy right from its inception and has been a cause of discomfort even for many Republicans. In a statement, Scott Perry said that he had been with the members of the Caucus for the past 6 years and have together fought tirelessly for liberty, prosperity, and safety for Americans. He said that he was grateful to be given the responsibility.

The outgoing chairman of the hardliner group will stay in that role till January 1. Scott Perry has been under intense scrutiny for the role he played in the attempted coup on January 6. The House Select committee has been investigating his role in the insurrection.

Scott Perry takes over at a crucial time as the Caucus is losing its grip and faces dissent within the ranks. But it will attempt to exert its power if the Republicans get a majority in the House in the 2022 midterms.

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