Donald Trump Demands Larger Stimulus Checks After Threatening To Not Sign The New Bill

Trump Signs Covid relief bill
Trump Signs Covid relief bill

President Donald Trump was threatening on Tuesday that he will not sign the $892 billion Covid-19 relief bill which includes much-needed cash for Americans, giving the reason that the bill must be amended for increasing the amount of cash in stimulus checks. The operations of the government are getting funded till Dec.28 temporarily, waiting for amounts of $1.4 trillion as federal spending in fiscal 2021.

The failure of overriding the legislation veto by Trump or passing one more stopgap bill will result in the partial shutdown of the government. The threat of Donald Trump messed up the bipartisan effort of Congress in providing stimulus checks and help for those who are having a difficult time with the pandemic. The Senate and the House passed this legislation on the night of Monday.

Donald Trump’s Demands Regarding Stimulus Checks

Donald Trump demands that Congress should increase the stimulus checks amounts to $2000/individual or $4000/couple instead of $600/individual that the bill, which he called a disgrace, mentions. Trump is also complaining about the money which is provided for Smithsonian Institution, fish breeding, and foreign countries. Trump while pushing baseless election claims said that if Congress doesn’t delete the unnecessary and wasteful items from the legislation and send him an appropriate bill, he would have to propose a coronavirus relief package himself.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker tweeted that a bill with $2000 stimulus checks will be put to a House vote this week. Trump’s complaints arrived at a time when the bill of 5,500 pages was getting processed for going to the White House for getting it signed by Trump, who will leave on the afternoon of Wednesday for spending the remaining year at his club in Florida’s Palm Beach. Trump’s video got taped in his house without any reporters as he continues to boycott public events for losing the election of November 3rd.