Donald Trump On Commander Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, gave a statement on the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue that was placed in the state of Virginia. The statue was present in a city called Richmond. He expressed his disapproval with regard to the removal. Robert E. Lee was a confederate commander. The former President belonging to the Republican Party stated that the commander was a very important strategist of the country. He also spoke on the artwork that was involved in the statue. 

Robert E. Lee’s Contributions

The statement by the former President was made on the 8th of September that fell on a Wednesday. The message that he gave was a long one. He stated that a huge crane had taken down the said statue. It was the statue of Robert E. Lee on a horse. It was made entirely of bronze.

Donald Trump also mentioned that the ones who were responsible for taking down the statue were further cutting it into pieces which were worse according to him. And then he went on to mention the contribution of the commander towards the country. He stated that it was the wishes of President Lincoln to make him the leader of the North. And had he been the leader, he could have handled the situation within a day. 

The former President also mentioned the fact that Robert E. Lee was a great “unifying force” of the United States of America. He was the main figure due to which the north and south could come together peacefully. Referring to the incident of the removal of the statue, he stated that the history, culture, and heritage of the country were nearing destruction. He directly blamed the “Radical Left” for that.