Donald Trump At It Again: Still Stirring Up Reinstatement Issue

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump is back to his controversial ways and has stirred up the reinstatement issue again. He openly discussed his reinstatement as the President, treading a dangerous path in these troubled times.

His fantasies continue to trouble the political air in the country and a talk with David Brody responded that it is for the public to decide on his reinstatement if the Presidential election was proven to be fraudulent. He made wild accusations of large-scale election result manipulation and said ‘hundreds of thousands of voters will be found’. There seem to be no stopping Donald Trump’s wild ways.

Donald Trump And His Wild Accusations

Nowhere were there any indications of electioneering malpractice and every state and the Dist. of Columbia vouched for its genuineness. The count declared by the Electoral College was backed up by Congress. Nowhere, other than in the imagination of Trump and his supporters, was there any evidence of voter fraud, localized or widespread.

His talks about people making up their minds amount to enticing people to go for an attack similar to the one on Capitol Hill this year. It proved to the world how an utterly irresponsible politician could incite a mob by pushing through a conspiracy theory deflated time and again. Hordes of violent mobs took control and held to ransom the seat of both the Houses of Congress.

He has pitched his chances on the secret recount in Arizona’s Maricopa County by the Republicans. Multiple audits conducted by Maricopa County have thrown up identical results but the Republicans are still not convinced.

Given his track record, Donald Trump does not realize or refuses to see, the implication of his mindless rant. And he has his equally mindless supporters who hope that he still has a chance of sneaking back into the White House through another coup similar to the one on January 6. He fails to realize that he still has a duty towards the country as an ex-President and that his wild utterances could be dangerous.