Masked Singer Premieres It’s Latest Season

Masked Singer
Masked Singer

Masked Singer has premiered its sixth season. This was a much anticipated season right from the word go. This season has very high expectations from its fans. Right from its announcement, audiences were very much eager for this season to air. The show was a grand spectacle. It had Octopuses, Bulls & Skunks. The host of the show upped the ante by stating some mind-blowing facts. 

Nick Cannon is the host of the show. According to Cannon, the mystery stars in the show were renowned faces. They have won eighty-five nominations of Grammy between themselves. The stars are also said to have several nominations for the Oscar. The show will have new attractions this season. Let us learn more about the latest season of the Masked Singer in detail. 

Masked Singer: Octopus Revealed?

The latest season of the show has promised a lot for the fans. This season is supposed to be filled with thrills and all new twists. The host has stated some of the new elements of the new season. The sixth season will allow the judges to take a random guess at the identity of the singer. If the judge predicts the identity correctly, the masked singer has to unmask. Unmasking the singer will lead to elimination and the person will have to bow out of the show. 

It seemed not a single judge could identify the singers on Wednesday. Five of the participants performed from Group A. However, Ken Jeong pulled off a stunning elimination earlier. He predicted the identity of the Octopus. Dwight Howard was behind the mask of the Octopus and was the first to be eliminated from the show. Dwight is a former NBA star who featured in the All-Star team eight consecutive times. 


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