Fourth Stimulus Check: Ray Of Hope For Americans?

stimulus checks

In the hope of a fourth financial relief as a stimulus check, many Americans have been disappointed as the federal government repeatedly declined this year. However, some lawmakers have not yet given up and are fighting for additional payments to some Americans via their bank accounts.

On 6th December 2022, the news was released by Adam Schiff, a Congressman that he had sent letters regarding this matter. The letter was sent to Nancy Pelosi who is the House Speaker and Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader. They both are Democrats of the House of Representatives holding leadership positions currently. The letter contained a request from Schiff to his co-workers to show a green light for the fourth stimulus check providing dollars of thousands to select Americans. 

Parents Have Made It To The Priority List For The Stimulus Check

The stimulus check initially was for the victims of people who lost finance due to COVID-19. The Rescue Plan offered a check of $1400 to dependents and adults. Also, a Child Tax Credit to per child was offered up to $3600. This Child Relief Fund is what Adam Schiff wants to be offered again by the Democratic lawmakers. Towards the end of 2021 December, this Fund Relief was to be expired but Schiff feels the need to be indefinitely continued.

Schiff has shared that the money that had been given earlier has helped a million children fight poverty. He also says that families transcending 60 million have made good use of the fund that is being transferred into their accounts. Schiff also throws light on the improvement in the economy due to credit expansion. Adam Schiff has been pressing the Democratic lawmakers to pass the credit law before the next Congress comes to power this January.