Tom Reed, The Republican Representative, Makes An Apology Followed By A Shocking Announcement

Tom Reed
Tom Reed

Tom Reed, the Representative from the Republican party, gave an apology for his misconduct. Earlier, he had been accused by a woman of sexual harassment. It was stated that he made some very unforgiving physical advancements towards the woman who was then a lobbyist. The incident took place in the year 2017. The apology from Representative Tom Reed came in this Sunday. He also added the fact that he will not be running for re-election in the coming year.

Tom Reed Is Committed To Improving Things

The 49-year-old politician hailing from western New York gave an explanation with regard to his hideous action. He opened up that he was in his “struggling” phase when that incident took place. Tom Reed mentioned the fact that he had no strength over alcohol. And so, he went for treatment.

The apology was not only directed to the victim but also to his close ones. It included his children and his wife. The Representative promised that he was committed to making amends for his harmful actions. Tom Reed stated that he would do so for the rest of his life.

The Representative from the Republican party first became a member of the US Congress in the year 2010. He was among the other Congressmen who was advocating for the resignation of Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic Governor. Cuomo had been under the accusation of sexual harassment.

In February 2021, Reed had given a statement with regard to the elections of the coming year. He had made it known that he was thinking of running against Andrew Cuomo for the governor’s seat of the state of New York. However, the Representative made it clear on Sunday that he has changed his decision.

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