Donald Trump Files Lawsuit Against Google, Facebook, And Twitter

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America belonging to the Republican party, gave a statement on his decision to fight the popular platforms of social media. He precisely mentioned the three tech giants in the world. They include Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The former President claimed that he filed a lawsuit against them on grounds of “alleged censorship.” The three companies had taken action against him following the Capitol riot that broke out on the 6th of January. He was removed from all of their platforms. Former President Donald Trump made the announcement this Tuesday. 

Donald Trump On Freedom Of Speech

The nature of the lawsuit filed by the 75-year-old former Republican President is class-action. The lead plaintiff is Donald Trump himself. The claim that he has is that the said companies censored him. The statement came from him while he was in his golf club situated in Bedminster township, in the state of New Jersey. He mentioned the subject of freedom of speech in his speech. The former President stated that his action was a crucial development towards the subject of the said freedom. He also mentioned that he was filing a lawsuit against Twitter, Google, and Facebook, in relation to the “America First Policy” introduced by him.

Former President Donald Trump stated that the action taken by those companies against the acting President of the country was the strongest evidence to prove the fact that they had gone out of control and they need some restrictions. Referring to his blocking from the social media platforms at the beginning of the year 2021, he claimed that if something like that happened to the head of the state, then it can happen with any regular citizen of the country.

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