Trump Has Another Defamation Suit Filed Against Him

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

E.Jean Carroll filed a lawsuit against Trump in 2019. And she is about to sue him in November as per the report. Though the former President’s legal hasn’t made any comment.

Former President Trump Denied Allegations

Magazine Columnist E.Jean Carroll was raped by Donald J. Trump in the mid-1990s. However, he has denied this allegation before and the columnist determined to sue him next month. New York city’s new law allows the victim to file a case against the criminal even after years the accident took place, specifically in sexual assault cases.

He was a federal employee back when the accident took place. And he further denied any allegations made against him by the columnist, while he was the president at the white house. If the Washington DC court finds favor in the former president’s case they are likely to dismiss the case in the future. The court hasn’t taken up the issue yet and has not even decided when they’ll.

Trump was called to New York City to sit in with the state judge, and he refused the response, pointing to his legal amendment rights to self-incrimination.

Not only this but there are fraud cases filed against trump with a $250 million lawsuit. Once again, he denied those allegations claiming those are “politically motivated”.

The former president has denied allegations that can be inferred from the jury, as by the law if a defendant isn’t responding. He has already taken steps to delay the case hearing, and won’t be able to run from that timeline. The victim’s legal team has responded that they took Trump’s deposition and are unable to comment further.