Neutrino And Co Have Bagged A Gain Of 100%+


Despite major developments, most of the projects in the ecosystem of Waves like Neutrino have been able to climb higher. The protocols in the ecosystem managed to increase their price as well as their total value locked as a renewed focus on interoperability with most of the blockchain networks brought forth a fresh momentum.

Now, one needs to be made aware that despite the improvements shown by the members of the Waves ecosystem, this is not the case everywhere. Most of the ongoing projects and changes have managed to create havoc in the cryptocurrency sector as well as in traditional finance. 

Neutrino Has Weathered The Changes In The Crypto Sector

With the improvement shown by Neutrino, it is imperative that one take a close look at the top-performing assets in the ecosystem that have verily managed to post positive gains even though the macroeconomic factors were stacked heavily against them. 

For the uninformed, Neutrino is an algorithmic price-stable assetization protocol that is useful in creating stablecoins that have been tied to cryptocurrencies as well as real-world assets. This has forever been the main stablecoin of the ecosystem of Waves and seems to be going along with the Token- a governance and recapitalization token that has also enabled the creation of stablecoins further.

According to data received from CoinGecko and Cointelegraph Markets Pro, it has been understood that after touching a low of $7.07 on the 22nd of January, the price of NSBT went up by 300% to touch a daily high of around $30.33 on the 9th of March. 

Another protocol that has managed to secure a future for itself like Neutrino has been Vires Finance. This is a non-custodial, decentralized liquidity protocol on the blockchain of Waves that majorly uses common pool-based mechanics to bring about equally distributed interest amongst its users.