Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Reprimands Trump For Misleading The Republican Party

doug ducey
doug ducey

Doug Ducey, the outgoing Republican governor of Arizona has spoken an implied reprimand of the way former president Trump has led the Republican party. He also warned that senior leaders in the party had transformed into what he called ‘bullies.’ He said that party leaders and candidates are now defined more by attitudes and not by any policy that they propose.

Doug Ducey is ending his 2nd term as Arizona’s governor even as he remains as he co-chairs the GOP Governors’ Association. He has faced attack from the former President after he refused to entertain the disgraced former president’s instruction to overturn the presidential election results in Arizona in 2020.

The outgoing governor did not mention Trump directly by name. the former president continues to maintain a vice-like grip over an influential section of the party across states. His supporters seem to grow with each of his absurd utterings.

Doug Ducey Attacks Trump For Holding Onto Power Despite A Convincing Defeat

Doug Ducey has particularly gone after Trump for his absurd claims that he was the victor in the 2020 elections. He said that the point of the election was not to just win it but follow it up with ideals that reflect the conservative values of the party and retain the American Dream.

He also spoke of improving the lives of ordinary Americans, one department in which Trump failed miserably, a notable feature in a rule marked by glaring disasters and ill-advised moves.

Doug Ducey spoke of the treacherous strain of governance that holds out for government activism was taking an extreme form. Elements within the government were comfortable with using the power of the administration to direct the lives of people in a particular direction. he noted that this was a deviation from the core values of the Republican party that advocated a less intrusive form of government.