Doug Ducey Has Sued The Biden Administration

doug ducey
doug ducey

Doug Ducey, the Republican Governor of Arizona, has filed a lawsuit against the administration of Joe Biden. The lawsuit seeks to bar the White Hosue from withholding federal funds to the state over multiple differences that have cropped up in its COVID-19 policy.

The lawsuit further states that the office of the governor would not be eliminating or changing the educational programs to conform to the unlawful dictates of the National Treasury. This was reported by the Arizona Republic.

Doug Ducey Up In Arms Against Joe Biden 

Doug Ducey himself stated on Friday that in this state, the main priority was for kids to get caught up on their education, for which they were using a large range of resources to make that happen- which would also include federal dollars allocated to the state. The governor promised that the state would always support families and kids while protecting their rights to choose an education that would best suit the kid and their future. 

The Biden administration recently informed the state that it must stop withholding federal funding from schools with mask mandates or the department would be taking back over $160 million in coronavirus relief money that Doug Ducey’s administration has designated for schools. Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General for Arizona, has firmly repudiated the threat of the administration while threatening swift legal action if push came to shove. 

Along with Doug Ducey, the Attorney General of the state has dropped in this struggle, as he published a letter to the Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen on the 20th of January, after Yellen threatened- on behalf of the Biden administration, to withhold funds from the state due to a major difference in the policy of COVID-19. He wrote that the states were behind the creation of the federal government- and not the other way around.

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