Tina Peters Will Contest For Colorado State Secretary

Tina Peters
Tina Peters

Tina Peters is one of the famous names in America. Her political prowess is well known all over the country. She has had an illustrated career in politics. Peters has taken up many important responsibilities throughout her career.

She is currently serving as the County Clerk for Mesa. She also acts as the recorder for Mesa. Peters has recently expressed her wish to take her political career to the next level. Peters has confirmed that she will be contesting for the upcoming Colorado State Secretary election.

The politician revealed her future plans in a podcast recently. The podcast, named “War Room” is hosted by Steve Bannon. Bannon is an ardent supporter of Donald Trump and is currently facing criminal charges.

Bannon is also very much fond of Tina. The host referred to the county clerk as a hero. Tina Peters made her intentions very clear on the podcast.

Peters stated that she wanted to contest the elections and take a stand against Joe Biden. She also expressed her wish to defeat Joe Biden and his party in the upcoming federal elections. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Tina Peters Determined To Win Despite Legal Charges 

Tina Peters is determined to win the Colorado elections. She sees the election as the first step against Joe Biden. She expressed her wish of overthrowing Biden from the Senate soon.

However, Tina has been plagued with a number of legal charges at the moment. Peters was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. After the elections, she voiced support for the EVM tampering rumors. 

Tina Peters is currently facing a legal misconduct charge. She has been accused by her county of Mesa.

The politician is also accused of tampering with the election ballots earlier. All this has made the probabilities of her victory very much slim. 

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