Zion Williamson Is Still Not Ready

zion williamson
zion williamson

Bad news for New Orleans Pelicans as Zion Williamson is still not ready for first-team action and might take a few more months. Just when it was assured that Zion would return to the Pelican lineup, it was announced that his rehabilitating process had been stopped with his body not being able to heal at the pace that the medical staff thought it would.

Now, since his body needs a bit more time to heal, there is absolutely no assurance that Pelicans fans would be able to see him in action throughout the season. And this latest report simply brings in more questions and anxiety over his career and future in the NBA.

Zion Williamson’s NBA Career In Jeopardy

SI’s Chris Mannix has provided further information into what exactly is messing up with Zion’s potential return to the lineup for the Pelicans. He tweeted that the tests conducted on Zion showed that the athlete was experiencing regression in the bone healing of his fifth metatarsal. This would mean that his rehab schedule was scaled back for quite an extended period of time. 

One doesn’t need to be a doctor to realize that this is quite serious, and the news isn’t at all great for the team, or for Zion Williamson. For, the news doesn’t just concern the team, but it could potentially jeopardize his entire career with the NBA. Putting it into context, even if Zion ends up missing half of the season, and right now, one has to think forward while keeping that in the background, it would mean that the star baller has already missed more games than he has played in. 

For any NBA player, that is not a good sign. And for a player like Zion Williamson, who was supposed to save the Pelicans, this is worse. One simply hopes that Zion can get back to his prime and be the player his franchise expects him to be, but seeing his current state, progress might be a long journey ahead.