Drake Bell Proven Guilty, Faces Probation Of A Couple Of Years

drake bell
drake bell

Drake Bell was accused of harassing and assaulting a child. The charges against Bell were brought into public notice earlier. Though the actor evaded jail, the charges brought against him were truly sad.

Drake Bell Charged With Child Harassment Faces Probation

The disturbing charges against Drake Bell came into the light earlier. After several hearings, the famous actor was ordered probation. He was also asked to serve the community for 200 long hours. The court stated that the actor cannot contact the victim.

During the hearing, both Bell & the victim met online. She went on to say that Drake Bell was a notorious person. She termed the Hollywood star as “evil”. The victim expressed her hatred towards Bell and stated that he has scarred her for life. Bell was accused of sexually exploiting the victim when she was only 15years of age. She has now grown up to be of 19years. 

The teenager became emotional during the hearing. She said that Drake was her childhood hero. Both of them first got introduced online in 2014. They continued chatting and soon things became sexual. The victim accused that Bell forced her to indulge in sex twice in December 2017. She termed Drake a “pedophile”. 

Drake Bell denied any sexual relationship with the victim. He stated that he regrets his actions. He also apologized for the fact if his actions caused anybody harm. The judge however replied that a mature individual should not send explicit texts. He accused Bell of taking advantage of his stardom.

Drake and his wife welcomed a boy in the meantime. The actor revealed the baby’s face with a video which he posted on social media.