Drake Bell Trying To Keep His Sanity During The Messy Time

Drake Bell

Drake Bell has been separated from his wife Janet Von Schmeling. Their on-and-off relationship has been affecting both their only son. However, they are keeping the peace or at least trying to keep their sanity for their son’s sake. He has been extremely private about his married life so far.

The Treatment Begins For Drake Bell

The couple separated two months ago and Drake Bell is finally decided to focus on his health and take rehabilitation seriously. They dated for five years before they tied the knot in 2018, and later they had their son. Their primary concern is their son, and they won’t let anything disrupt that peace whatsoever.

And Drake Bell is currently on probation for child endangerment. Just before splitting, he was seen blowing balloons inside his car while his son was in the backseat, outside a vape shop. Many have commented on how irresponsible he is and putting their son’s life in general. He pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges in 2021. Though real problem appeared when a 19 years old girl accused him of ‘grooming her’.She claimed he has taken every step with utmost calculation, and waited until she was vulnerable enough to be a hunt. And he has been doing this since she was a 12 years old girl, and later sexually abused her when she was 15 years old.

Not only that Drake Bell has sent her vulgar photos to harass her, but she also has labeled him as the ‘monster and danger to children’.His ex-girlfriend accused him of abuse which he clearly denied. Many are trying to prove his innocence, but this is yet to be proven if he was under the influence of any kind of illegal substances. Janet is devoted to raising their son and so is Bell.

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