Robert Pattinson Likes To Keep His Relationship Private

Robert Pattinson

After the nasty breakup with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson’s reputation has been questionable. Fans have started pointing out his fault when Stewart clearly got involved with Twilight’s director. Since then his name came up with many women in the industry and many on-and-off relationships, flings, and dating. However, since 2018 he has been in a serious relationship with Suki Waterhouse.

The New Year Bash At Robert Pattinson’s

Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse hosted a near party together. And invited a bunch of known faces, among the invited celebrities Emma Stone, Whitney Peak,  Ian Bohen, Luke Grimes, Mischa Barton, and Kelsey Asbile.

Robert Pattinson likes to keep his relationship private he like many others believes things can get ruined when people know too much about it. And he has been very good at keeping his relationship status private so far. Though the rumor Pattinson and Waterhouse are dating since 2018. According to Robert Pattinson, this is very weird whenever he is out on the streets or holding the hand of someone close to him.

People started taking pictures and strangers come up to him and ask about his relationship, which freaked him out many times. And these things have affected his career in a massive way, when you don’t respond people take that silence as rudeness and a very arrogant personality. Fans too need to understand the line, being too friendly and respecting someone’s personal space. And this is he tries to point out that these lines usually get washed away.

Everyone present at the new year party hosted by the couple confirmed how they never left each other’s side a moment. Robert Pattinson wore a blue Parka. And Suki was all dolled up in a tan fur coat with a baby pink scarf, with feather trim. Both of them looked gorgeous as the paparazzi took a shot of them leaving the restaurant. Many people have already questioned their age gap which infuriated Pattinson.

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