January 6: The Dread Of Similar Incidents

January 6 Committee
january 6 committee

Even as the House Select Committee looking into the riots on January 6 announced its 1st public hearing on June 9, Americans are concerned that the nation could be on the verge of a total breakdown of law and order.

A horrifying moment sums up the many such incidents that occurred on that day at the US Capitol. Military veteran and Washington DC police officer, Michael Fanone was trapped by a mob, tasered, viciously beaten, and sprayed with chemical agents by a mob instigated by the outgoing president Donald Trump. It was a moment that brought shame to the nation that had prided itself on its democratic ideals.

Officer Fanone had to plead with the lynch mob before saner elements within the mob saved him from being beaten to death. It offers a glimpse of the violence that enveloped the capital and which was passed off as a peaceful protest by one-half of the American political spectrum.

Events On January 6 Was Not An Anomaly But An Orchestrate Event Conducted By The Then President, Donald Trump

The events on January 6 also offer us what we need to desperately avoid getting back to being a functioning democracy. The whole federal administrative machinery was set in motion by Trump to protect his seat by instigating the murderous mob into creating mayhem in Washington.

Trump was under the impression that it would help him stage a coup from the sidelines and hold on to another term. Despite the evidence of events on January 6, Republican support stands firm in the belief that the 2020 Presidential victory was snatched away from Trump. And the divide is deeper as the political differences between supporters of both parties have given way to hatred and mistrust. While 84% of Republicans believe that the Democrats are a ‘socialist party,’ 85% of Democrats believe that the Republicans are a party controlled by racists.

The nation has been politically divided along racial lines with 90% of Republican supporters being white. Political scientist Barbara Walter says that the signs of a civil war are apparent, seen in the rise of Donald Trump’s racist demagoguery.

She says that it could resemble the situation in Northern Ireland in the 1980s. The plot to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer by Republican supporters is a sign of things to come.