Drew Barrymore Elaborating Grant’s Good Side

Drew Barrymore

Hugh Grant is known to be someone who throws tantrums in the set. Rebuke people and crew unnecessarily. Drew Barrymore knows Grant’s soft side. He appears to be rough but he is usually a charming guy. He has his ways to love people.

She and Grant did Music and Lyrics together. Barrymore recalls it as horrendous. Grant labeled her singing that way. She believes that is how Hugh Grant shows his love.

Drew Barrymore Letting The World Know Who Is Grant In Real Life

At the Oscars 2023, Hugh Grant was interviewed by Ashley graham. He didn’t answer her properly or behaved well. Graham was a bit skeptical about Grant’s behavior. Drew Barrymore explains Grant is never on his best behavior. People find it rude the way he interacts with people. He lacks kindness while conversing.

Drew Barrymore said that’s how people fall in love with grumpy Grant. That’s who is the real Grant. He is hilarious and a good human being. He just keeps his guard high. People usually misunderstand. Drew Barrymore also gave instances from the encounter Graham had with Grant.

He was not excited to see anyone in particular on the red carpet. Graham tried congratulating him but he didn’t take it well. He had a short cameo in Glass Onion. He said he is barely in it so no point in congratulating him.

Barrymore’s singing voice was worse than a dog’s bark. Barrymore didn’t mind, instead, she said that is how he loves and compliments people. Even Hugh Grant also says Drew Barrymore didn’t mind whatever he said.