Scheana Shay Is All Set For The Reunion

Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay is looking forward to joining the reunion amid restraining orders. She was being a good friend to Ariana Madix.After knowing Raquel Leviss has been cheating on her friend Ariana with her boyfriend. She has lost it. She got into a physical fight with Raquel Leviss. She has no remorse whatsoever for what she did to Raquel. Many applauded for her picking up the courage and doing what needed to be done.

Scheana Shay Did The Impossible And Facing Consequences

Raquel Leviss brought a civil order against Scheana Shay to maintain at least 100 yards from her. Raquel Leviss got caught with tom Sandoval made everyone in the show mad. Ariana Madix is their friend and she has been betrayed by another.

Scheana Shay was probably trying to help out her friend. In the process of punching Raquel, which she deserves. She has proved to be a true friend.

If the order stays active even during the reunion it will make the life of Scheana Shay and the director’s life difficult. There is all probability Raquel Leviss won’t be joining after all the stunts she pulled. She is well aware everyone is going to hate her or even worse. She is going face billions of questions and perhaps another punch in the face from Ariana Madicx.

Shay’s lawyer already clarified that they are forbidden to talk. If one joins physically another one needs to stay virtual during the reunion. The restraining order against Scheana Shay is temporary and Raquel is trying to make it a permanent one. Scheana Shay gave Leviss a black eye and cut to her left eyebrow. Other ladies couldn’t do it Shay proved it.