Driving Again After a Serious Offense: Understanding SR22 Insurance

SR22 Insurance Adjuster
SR22 Insurance Adjuster

If you have been convicted of a motoring-related offense, this will be reflected in your auto insurance going forward.

There are different types of rules and regulations which apply depending on where you live, as well as the nature of your conviction. But generally speaking, to continue driving in the aftermath, you’ll need an SR22.

So what is this, and how does it influence the cost of having cover as a car owner with an offense on their record?

What exactly is SR22 insurance?

The term SR22 refers specifically to a form that your state will provide you with after a motoring conviction that essentially proves you have adequate insurance to cover the base level of liability that is enshrined in local law, which again is an amount that changes from place to place.

When comparing SR22 auto insurance quotes, you will basically be weighing up the packages offered by providers that are willing to give you cover in full knowledge that you have been responsible for a serious offense.

We already mentioned that the rules are not the same nationally; for example, in some states this is an FR44 form rather than an SR22. As such, it’s vital to do your research and check what obligations you face in your region.

Who needs SR22 insurance?

As hinted at above, SR22 forms are a necessity for offenses at the more serious end of the spectrum. So while you won’t need one if you have been involved in a minor fender-bender, you’ll almost certainly be required to apply for one if you are convicted of a DUI, or if you have been in an accident in the past and did not have insurance at the time.

When should I apply for SR22 insurance?

Ideally you will be informed by the authorities if you need to get an SR22 form to go along with your auto insurance, but again you’ll be wise to check this if you don’t hear anything concrete after a motoring conviction.

The key point to make is that you cannot successfully be approved for this form until you have purchased insurance from a provider that covers customers with offenses to their name.

Thankfully any provider which is willing to give you a quote for SR22 insurance will also be able to go through the application process for the form as well, which is why it is worth shopping around to get the best deal as well as the most comprehensive support as an insurance customer.

Are there other costs to consider?

There is no getting around the fact that if you have a motoring conviction, then your car insurance will be higher in price, because you are recognized as being a riskier prospect than the average driver.

However, there are some other SR22-related expenses to take into account on top of the price of the premium itself.

For example, state auto agencies will typically charge applicants to process the SR22 request, whether or not it is approved.

On top of this, your insurer will usually bill you for the privilege of handling the application on your behalf.

This is one reason to remain loyal to the same insurer, because the top brands will only charge you once, and won’t hit you with additional fees each time you renew your SR22 insurance.

As with any auto insurance matter, it is not worth cutting corners or taking risks when getting this type of cover. Be honest with your insurer about your motoring convictions, or else your policy will be invalidated in the event you need to make a claim.