Duran Duran & Giorgio Moroder After Forty Years

Duran Duran
Duran Duran

Duran Duran is one of the classic names in the musical industry. The iconic band was initiated in the year 1978. The Birmingham-based English band has kept the audiences mesmerized for decades. The band led the Second Invasion of British Music in the US. The invasion was supported by MTV and took place in 1980. 

The band started its journey with five core members. Nick Rhodes and John Taylor founded the group. The group was further expanded with the inclusion of Andy & Roger Taylor, Simon Le Bon. Duran Duran has remained one of the most successful bands to date. However, the already iconic band seems to have hit yet another milestone. 

They have confirmed a collaboration with the legendary Giorgio Moroder. This news was both equally shocking and overwhelming for the members. All five members seemed ecstatic to be working alongside Moroder. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Duran Duran In Line For An Epic Collab

Simon Le Bon broke the news to the public. They have officially confirmed working with Moroder. The biggest collaboration is scheduled to happen in the band’s upcoming album. The members of the band are working on their upcoming release, “Future Past”. Giorgio Moroder has been confirmed to be collaborating on the album. 

The news of the collaboration made the fans awestruck. Good wishes were showered on the band on social media. Duran Duran members seemed equally excited. Le Bon reminisced that he performed a Moroder song on his debut. Nick Rhodes termed the eighty-one-year-old legend as a ” hero”. 

It took forty long years for Duran Duran to work with Giorgio. Rhodes stated that they have always longed for this moment to happen. Working with Giorgio was no less than a dream and it was always on their bucket list. However, now that the collaboration is happening, everyone seems dedicated. The band members have vowed to make the album their biggest hit. It remains to be seen how the album pans out.