FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) Gets A Boost In Rating From Zacks Analysts


Zacks Investment Research analysts recently upgraded FedEx (NYSE: FDX) rating from a “Hold” to a “Strong-buy”, as per their report on the company issued this Tuesday, December 22. The delivery services company currently stands at $286.00 as the price target. The target issued by Zacks suggests a 5.17% upside since FedEx’s previous close.

FDX stocks traded at $271.94 this Tuesday. The company’ current market capitalization stands at $71.41 billion. It has a PE ratio of 40.17 along with a beta of 1.34 at the moment. The current ratio stands at 1.69, quick ratio at 1.64 and the debt-to-equity ratio at 1.19. The 12-monthly high to low ranges from $305.66 to $88.69. The 50SMA (Simple Moving Average) stands at $282.40 and its 200SMA stands at $222.95.

FedEx (NYSE: FDX) Stock Analysis

The quarterly earnings report for the previous fiscal quarter was released by the company on the 16th of December. The earnings stood at $4.83 EPS for that quarter as opposed to the general consensus on the estimated earnings at $4.01.

The company’s return on equity also stood at 15.82% along with the net margin of 2.50%. The estimated income for the firm was marked at $19.45 billion but it made $20.56 billion for the quarter. During the same time previous year, the firm’s EPS was $2.51. According to the available data, the company’s revenue was 18.7% up based on a year-over-year calculation.

NYSE: FDX has recently been the subject of a lot of reports by equities analysts. Some such as Citigroup, Smith Barney Citigroup, The Street, DZ Bank, Barclays and so on have posted reports on this firm over the last few months.

The recent consensus rating of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) stands at “Buy” and the consensus on the target price is $307.00. Several hedge funds have also been involved in buying and selling of this company’s shares recently.