Dwayne Johnson Withdraws Support From Joe Rogan

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson usually likes to stay out of controversies. Unfortunately, the wrestler turned actor has faced a lot of criticism lately. Johnson recently issued a statement that led people to criticize him significantly.

Just a couple of days back, Johnson defended Joe Rogan publicly. The Rock stated that he has heard Rogan’s work and liked it very much. Dwayne also expressed his wish to appear on his podcast very soon.

The fans and the critics did not take these comments as a good sport. They immediately lashed out at the star for defending Joe. Joe Rogan is a well-known host in America. He has recently been involved in a controversy.

Audiences stated that Rogan was providing wrong information regarding the coronavirus in his podcast. This led to a huge reaction and eminent musicians asked Spotify to remove Rogan’s podcast.

As this was not enough, a recent video compilation of Rogan has also gone viral. Singer Indie Arie exposed the video where Rogan was seen using racial slurs. This incident made Dwayne Johnson rethink about his earlier words about Rogan.

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Dwayne Johnson Takes Back His Word On Joe Rogan 

Dwayne Johnson regretted his decision of defending Rogan earlier. He faced a lot of criticism after his initial stand. People stated how can Johnson defend someone who is providing misinformation about the pandemic.

They also said that it was unfair of Dwayne to support someone who uses racial slurs. Johnson immediately changed his mind and apologized publicly. 

Dwayne Johnson posted on Twitter that he was unaware of the use of racial slurs. Johnson said that he did not support using the n-word at all.

The star criticized Joe Rogan and said that there should be zero tolerance towards racism. Johnson admitted that defending Rogan was a mistake and he no more supports the American host now.