E. Jean Carroll Fights Back Against Donald Trump

Jean Carroll

Donald Trump and E Jean Carroll: In 1996, she claims that Donald Trump sexually attacked her in a changing room of a New York department store. Advice writer E Jean Carroll testified before a New York jury in her civil case seeking damages for a battery that former US President Donald Trump sexually assaulted her and “shattered my reputation” by denying it. In 1996, she claimed that Donald Trump had sexually attacked her in a changing area of a New York department shop. When she published her claims in a book, he called her a liar.

E. Jean Carroll Is Not Going Down Without A Fight

“I’m here because Donald Trump sexually assaulted me, and when I wrote about it, he claimed it didn’t happen,” E Jean Carroll said. He discredited my reputation by lying. To attempt to save my life, I’m here.

Trump has refuted the allegations. Before E Jean Carroll’s testimony, the judge warned Donald Trump not to post on his social media site, Truth Social, calling E Jean Carroll’s accusations a “made-up SCAM” and a “witch-hunt.” The court called Trump’s comments “entirely inappropriate” and warned that they may become “a potential source of liability” for him. E Jean Carroll then claimed to come into Donald Trump as she was exiting the premium department shop, Bergdorf Goodman.

“He said, ‘I need to buy a gift, come help me’.” I was overjoyed. He took up a fur cap and petted it like a cat or a dog. He then added, ‘I know, lingerie.’ “He directed us to the escalator,” she told the jurors.

She said she was “very captivated” and Donald Trump as “quite communicative”, adding, “I was happy to go to lingerie with him. He was extremely comical. In the lingerie section, Donald Trump “snatched up” a grey-blue bodysuit and insisted she tries it on.

“I wasn’t planning to wear it. I told him, ‘You put it on, it’s your color,'” she told the court, adding, “Donald Trump was being very light. It was very sarcastic and hilarious. I think I was flirting the entire time.