East Palestine Is In Dire Need Of Help

east palestine

The tragic derailment happened on 3rd February in Ohio, East Palestine. The derailment caused the chemical leak in the area, worrying citizens and the country. However, Joe Biden did not visit the place made the situation more intense, and when further asked if he is planning to visit anytime soon. And he responded negatively. This is more pathetic to republicans who lashed out after hearing these words, although President mentioned he has been keeping close tabs on the situation. His federal team responded to the accident spot immediately. They have been doing health checks up door to door.

East Palestine Residents Raising Valid Concerns

After the toxic chemical leak in  East Palestine, people believe and quite evident that the air in that area and the water is intoxicated. And the residents have raised valid concerns about their health. The federal team has been sending out and posting flyer door to door. And every related concern is over there. There are detailed descriptions for East Palestine residents if they want a full health checkup, private well, or drinking water. The flyers have a poison control hotline for any type of query.

After the tragedy, a public meeting was held at a school in East Palestine. And another one is coming on March 2nd. By Monday their goal was to reach 400 homes, with those flyers and for general checking if they have any concerns.

President Joe Biden has been pushing the government administration to rectify the situation in East Palestine. Many other political leaders have mocked, him because he hasn’t visited East Palestine since the tragedy, and not even planning to go. Although he went to Kyiv just after the accident. So it is evident that he is not concerned for his own countrymen. And drew republicans’ attention toward the negative.