United States ‘Threatened’ China


China has been continuously providing assistance to Russia to fight Ukraine. At the beginning of February, a Chinese red air balloon was floating over US territory. This scared the majority, and many believed it was some kind of robot which is collecting data from the military. And on Sunday the US security adviser Jake Sullivan gave a warning, if china further takes up the authority to help Russia in any way, there would be consequences. Seems like Russia would do anything to destroy Ukraine, and previously Putin has threatened Joe Biden in a subtle way. After his surprise visit to Kyiv.

US Is Laying Out The Pros And Cons For China

The mode of laying the guidance for China is threatening to them. Further Jake Sullivan made sure that it is not a direct threat whatsoever. China is deliberately trying to provide lethal assistance to Russia for war with Kyiv. And if it does take further steps to destroy Ukraine, China will surely face consequences. Which would be difficult to get over. The US is just stating its ifs and buts, and how things could possibly unfold.

The Asian nation is trying to gain control over Russia by providing ammunition and drones and other lethal weapons. These are evidence that would be used in war. Although Chinese leadership brought a debatable situation in China, which has been going on for several months. If providing lethal aid would be harmful to their own country.

Joe Biden’s sudden visit to Kyiv, made a huge impact on Russia, probably for the worst. Afterward, Putin made a statement indicating more war with Kyiv. And he had that tone in which people sensed that Russia will eventually not let Ukraine stand up again until it accepts its defeat.