2023 SAG Awards Paid Tribute To Legends

2023 SAG Awards

The authority took a moment and paid tribute to all those legends who died last year, and left a void in society. During the 2023 SAG Awards, a few minutes were dedicated to them. That video montage featured Olivia Newton-John, Kristie Alley, Leslie Jordan, Barbara Walters, Cindy Williams, Anne Heche, and many more. The award took place on Sunday. It was the 29th Screen actress Guild award. At that moment everyone was very nostalgic and filled their heart with greatness, there were lucky enough to interact with those angels.

Sunday 2023 SAG Awards Took The Whole Arena On An Unforgettable Journey

The aforementioned people were someone’s mother, wife, daughter, and friend. They all left early and their absence is still bothering everyone. That emptiness that can never be filled by anyone.

Last year Olivia Newton-John’s death shook many people’s confidence, and her husband shared the news on Instagram. And she spent the last moment with her close ones, her memorial service is taking place this year at her birthplace Melbourne, Australia.

She did a lot for society, her search for breast cancer rescued many people, but got herself. The 2023 SAG Awards gave the audience, fans, and family members an unforgettable moment of their life. They will be forever thankful for the 2023 SAG Awards.

Not only Don Cheadle but everyone present at the award was in tears. He shared his thoughts with the audience, how lucky he was that he could work with them. And he has heard the best stories from them.

The 2023 SAG Awards featured Kristie Alley who also died because of cancer like Olivia. But Kristie was diagnosed a few months before that thing took her life. She was surrounded by her family and closest ones till the last moment, everyone saw her fighting. But alas some do lose to cancer.