Michael Jai White Loses Son To Covid

Michael Jai White
Michael Jai White

Michael Jai White reportedly lost his son to covid-19. Since the onset of the pandemic, it had wreaked havoc all over the world. The impact and the adverse effects have been felt by one and all. Bad news has been delivered to us daily. Similarly, the news from Michael was deeply saddening. In an unfortunate incident, White lost his elder son to covid-19. He was only 38 years of age at the time of his death. This was a very emotional moment for Michael as he loved his son dearly. 

Michael Jai White Mourns His Son’s Demise

The elder son of White passed away most tragically. The 38-year-old succumbed to the dreadful covid-19 virus. Michael revealed the news in a recent interview. He also stated that his son deviated off the right path. He had a rugged lifestyle. Drug obsession and nightlife were a staple. White had his son at a very young age. He was only 15 years of age when he gave birth to his son. The emotional attachment was thus very much strong. 

White blamed his son’s choice of life to bring his downfall. He stated that the overuse of the drugs made his immune system weak. His son also refused to take the vaccines and would not refrain from going out. He eventually ended up at the hospital and succumbed to the deadly virus. 

White is married to Gillian Iliana Waters. They tied the knot in 2015. This was eighteen years after they first met. Both of them met each other at a disturbing time in their life. Both were having marital problems. Michael Jai White stated that he worked hard to become a worthy person for his wife. White considered himself a lucky person to have Gillian as his wife.