Edward James Olmos Has Been Fighting Throat Cancer

Edward James Olmos

Throat cancer was a battle for Edward James Olmos.  

That was absurd; it was so difficult. “It was an event that completely altered me and made me realize how lovely life is. Even though I’ve had several close calls with death, that was truly close. It’s a pretty potent illness. Edward James Olmos, 76, felt fortunate to be in good enough health to combat cancer after completing his final round of chemotherapy and radiation treatment in December.

Edward James Olmos Recounts His Experience With Cancer

“I sit here saying to you, Mando, and friends because one thing that I’m extremely thankful for was that I was in shape to fight this,” the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Edward James Olmos stated. I was and still am in fantastic health. I swim at least one mile per day and occasionally two. Seven days a week, every day. I row and lift weights after that. He continued by saying that during therapy, he lost all of his muscle mass and 55 pounds. “I was in good condition—and I still am,” he declared. “I swim at least one mile each day, sometimes even two. Seven days a week, every day. After that, I row and lift weights. 

“During the months I was receiving therapy, there were occasions when the body gave up.  I couldn’t swallow, so they wanted to put tubes in and feed me nourishment. They had to feed my body 2,500 calories every day. That was absurd; it was so difficult.

As Lt. Martin Castillo, Edward James Olmos starred in 106 episodes of Miami Vice. He originally gained notoriety in the early 1980s in movies like Blade Runner (he gets the creepy last phrase) and Wolfen (you may remember a scene between him and Albert Finney on the steel beams of the Manhattan Bridge). For the part, he received two Emmy nominations, and in 1985, he was awarded.