King Richard Review

King Richard
King Richard

King Richard is one of the most hyped-up films in recent times. The film was very highly regarded ever since it was announced. Fans and audiences waited eagerly for the movie to hit the theaters. Finally, the time has come for the big reveal. The film has been released and thus, calls for an in-depth analysis. 

The movie is a biopic of Richard Williams. It is based on the life story of Serena and Venus Williams’ father. The film has gathered a lot of praise and indeed looks very promising. Let us take a detailed look at the film and what it has to offer. 

King Richard: Will Smith Amuses The Audience

Serena and Venus Williams are two modern-day legends of tennis. The Williams sisters have been phenomenal with the racquet. Both of them have had uncountable success winning almost every title. Together they seemed to have ruled the tennis court. The recently released movie emphasizes the journey of the Williams’ sisters. Richard Williams, their dad, was the architect behind them. The movie beautifully portrays the ups and downs of their journey as a whole. 

However, the character of Richard did not seem all likable. The consistent pressure created on the little kids seemed awkward. The character of Richard soon became annoying and felt like a dictator. However, kudos must be given to Will Smith.  It was because of his acting prowess the character got featured fantastically. Smith’s mannerisms and uniqueness set him apart from the rest. 

King Richard has been speculated to be a worthy contender at the Oscars. However, the acting levels of Will Smith are bound to earn him an Oscar nomination.  The movie draws its inspiration from real events from Serena & Venus’ life. Reinaldo Marcus Green has directed the movie which is produced by Star Thrower Entertainment. 


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