Former Top Official Elaine Chao Speaks About The Reason Behind Her Resignation From The Trump Administration

Elaine Chao
Elaine Chao

The former Transportation Secretary under the Trump administration, Elaine Chao, who resigned at the fag end of his tenure has opened up about the resignation behind her move. She told the January 6 Committee that she resigned for her values.

Elaine Chow testified before the Select Committee and her audio comes right after the former president made derogatory and racist comments about the former senior Cabinet official. Chao is also the wife of Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader. She said she was stunned by the riots that unfolded on January 6, 2021, and decided at a precise moment that she could no longer continue.

Chao spoke to the Committee investigating the attack and the role of top officials of Trump and the president himself. It is gradually emerging that they planned the attack and instigated the rioters that eventually led to the death of 6 people.

Elaine Chao Revealed That Trump’s Conduct Went Against Her Philosophy And Personal Values

Elaine Chao revealed that at one time she decided that she couldn’t continue given her philosophy and her values. She said that she immigrated to the country and has always believed in a peaceful handover of power. She said she believed in democracy.

She said she made the decision on her own in protest against Trump’s conduct and dissociate herself from his leading role in the violence. She said in a taped audio that the events were shocking, however, they occurred. She announced her decision a day after the January 6 insurrection and was the first senior cabinet official to step down after the attacks by a violent mob instigated by the then-president.

Trump has recently made a racist attack on McConnell, saying he had a death wish and referred to Elaine Chao as McConnell’s China-loving wife, and called her Coco Chow.