Ghost Hunters’ Latest Place Of Interest Is St. Ignatius Hospital

Ghost Hunters

In Colfax, Washington, the abandoned St. Ignatius Hospital is a popular destination for would-be ghost hunters because of local legends claiming the building is haunted.

Tour guide and Colfax Chamber of Commerce executive director Valoree Gregory claims to have “heard voices on recorders” and “Ghost Hunters have seen objects along halls that nobody can explain.” “Some spooky stuff really does occur there.”

Gregory and his team of ghost tour guides and helpers welcome fearless guests all year round. Gregory claimed that eerie tours of the 120-year-old structure first began in October 2015.

St. Ignatius Hospital Is Hosting Ghost Hunters

It had been there since 2003, she said. “Ghost Hunters’ first question was, ‘Who owns this old hospital?'” They gave me the person’s Los Angeles-based name, and I contacted him to ask, “Hey, can I utilize your hospital for ghost hunts?” and his reply was, “Sure.” It was that simple.

The 25-room, the six-story hospital was built in 1893 and features an original x-ray room, medical equipment, and a morgue in the building’s basement.

According to Gregory, 67 trips were arranged for the month of October, and each Ghost Hunters tour lasts for two hours.

Individual tickets are $45, and all revenues will be donated to the city of Colfax. Insane people were housed in one building before being transferred to another. However, some of them with problems had forgotten where they lived and returned. Because nobody was guarding the building, one person died after falling down the elevator shaft and another after jumping out of a window. Numerous travelers have passed through these halls.

The night before, while listening to a digital recorder, Ghost Hunters’ Gonsalves heard what he believes to be an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) of cries coming from the hospital.