Election debacle backfires on Wisconsin Republicans

John Lewis
John Lewis

While American elections have had their share of drama and notoriety, the election at Wisconsin did leave a bad aftertaste. After issuing several notices of lockdown under the pandemic, the voters were forced to come out of their homes to vote- putting thousands at a risk. 

While the GOP officials decided to organize elections with an absentee clause that would allow voters to send their votes via mail, it was not accepted by the Republicans. In fact, they didn’t even adhere to the proposal of rescheduling the elections in the wake of the pandemic.

But what they hadn’t accounted for was that the voters and the public by association wanted a turn over in the state government. The Republicans were banking on the voters not coming out of their homes for their own welfare, but as it turned out- they could go the extra mile to throw the government out. 

“Dane County Circuit Judge Jill Karofsky won the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court, narrowing the conservative majority after a tumultuous election conducted in the midst of a global pandemic, according to unofficial results released Monday. Karofsky’s victory marked the first time in a dozen years that a Supreme Court challenger beat an incumbent — and just the second time in more than half a century.”

Guess Wisconsin really didn’t like the Republican agenda of bringing them out of their homes while neglecting their health.