President Joe Biden Vetoed Republican Bill

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On Wednesday, President Joe Biden vetoed the SJ Resolution 11. The SJ Resolution 11 was a bill backed by the Republicans which would reverse the progress of a 2022 EPA rule which would set stricter standards of vehicle emissions aiming to decrease air pollution starting from 2027 as the model year. Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary of the White House, in a statement at a White House press conference, commented on President Biden’s veto of the bill. She stated that earlier that day, President Joe Biden vetoed the SJ Resolution 11 bill, as it was the latest Republican attempt to pollute the air that the next generation breathes.

Jean-Pierre further elaborated that the Congressional Republicans were propagating the SJ Resolution 11 bill which is against the attempts of President Joe Biden to make the air safer and cleaner, while millions of US citizens have taken shelter to escape from the unhealthy and harmful smoke of the ongoing forest fires in Canada made worse due to climate change. The forest fire has affected vast regions of multiple US states, including New York, where thick smoke has engulfed the skies with air quality extremely poor and alarming.

Joe Biden Announced His Veto Of The Republican Bill

After vetoing the SJ Resolution 11 bill on Wednesday, President Joe Biden in a statement wrote that the EPA rule boosts public health, cuts pollution and in communities advances environmental justice all over the nation. He further stated that the EPA rule prevents hundreds and thousands of premature deaths, reduces childhood asthma cases in thousands and the missed school days every year in millions. President Joe Biden had also posted an image of himself on Twitter as he vetoed the Republican Bill in the White House Oval Office.