Theranos Trial: Elizabeth Holmes Held Guilty On 4 Fraud Counts!

elizabeth holmes
elizabeth holmes

Elizabeth Holmes has been found guilty of 4 fraud counts in the Theranos trial. San Jose’s federal jury found Elizabeth Holmes guilty of the said crime. These allegations all stemmed from Theranos, her start-up in Silicon Valley. 

Jury Worked Day And Night Over The Trial Of Elizabeth Holmes!

The jury however held the former CEO of Theranos not guilty for the 4 other charges leveled against her. But in the last 3 remaining fraud charges, they remained deadlocked. This news comes from AP (Associated Press). Elizabeth Holmes, CEO, and founder of Theranos, the company which offered blood testing services denied the 9 wire fraud counts and 2 counts of salacious conspiracies of committing wire fraud.

Finally, Elizabeth Holmes was convicted for 3 wire fraud counts and one count of salacious conspiracy of committing wire fraud. Every single one of these counts and charges carries heavy sentences of up to twenty years. The federal jury was composed of four women and eight men. They spent over fifty hours off and on during the period of New Year and Christmas to deliberate on the matter. 

The spectacular rise of Elizabeth Holmes featured her as the next great Steve Jobs captured the entire attention of Hollywood, TV adaptations, and spurring movies including “The DropOut” on Hulu which is a limited series. The series stars Amanda Sey fried, playing Elizabeth Holmes.

The show will have its first episode aired on 3rd March. Ramesh Balwani (Sunny) and Holmes goy accused by the indictment which charged both of them with accusations of plotting an artifice, plan, and schemes specifically designed to defraud financial investors. The matter was of a very material manner. Balwani also awaits trial later in 2022.

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