Ellie Kemper Apologizes For Participating In The Prophet Ball

ellie kemper
ellie kemper

Ellie Kemper, the American actress, comedian, and writer, went on to make her apology after a few of her pictures got released. The photos revealed her getting crowned as the queen of an event she had attended. It was a ball that had close ties with white supremacy. The incident took place when the actress was a teenage girl.

Ellie Kemper Says She Was Ignorant

The 41-year-old star from the American sitcom, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” cleared out the fact that she was totally unaware of the significance and history of the prophet ball of St. Louis. And that was why she made the decision to participate. However, she said that this was an excuse for any form of involvement. Ellie Kemper took to the social media platform, Instagram, to explain her situation. It was a lengthy post where she tried to clear out everything.

The actress stated that she was 19 years old when she participated in the ball that had taken place in her hometown. She claimed that the organization that was responsible for hosting the ball carried an extremely dark past with them. They were involved in elitism, sexism, and racism. Ellie Kemper also considered that her ignorance about the organization is not an excuse. To supplement the thought, Ellie Kemper stated that she was supposed to have done a little research on the background of the organization.

The photo of the actress as the queen of the Prophet Ball of the year 1999 started resurfacing last week. Following this, the actress faced backlash and criticism. Critics were divided into two halves, some spoke against Ellie Kemper for her participation while the others went on to defend her. They stated that the ball was now an inclusive one. The Prophet Ball was formed in the year 1878. It was done so in order to honor Mardi Gras’ ritual. The organization is accused of following the theory of white supremacy. 

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