Bruce Springsteen Reportedly Arrested For Drunk Driving

Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is a rock icon from New Jersey. It has been recently reported that he has been arrested for drunk driving. On the other hand, sources have stated that the alcohol content in his bold was a mere 0.02 which is considered well within the legal limit.

After being arrested in Sandy Hook, Bruce Springsteen was made to blow with the charge of driving under influence. The incident took place in November 2020.

Bruce Springsteen Arrested

The legal limit that indicates the intoxication for driving reasons in New Jersey is 0.08. Due to this reason, the authorities of New Jersey have been called into question as to why Bruce Springsteen was charged with driving while being intoxicated.

He is 71 years of age and is a native of Freehold and lives in Colts Neck. He was reportedly arrested on 14th November 2020 at the Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook which is a federal park.

He was been given a notice for driving under influence along with consuming alcohol and reckless driving in the closed region. This was reported by the service of the National Park.

The charges were reported on Wednesday by the Hollywood Gossip website. Owing to the reason that the arrest happened on federal land, the case is going to be heard in a federal court and will be managed by the Attorney Office of the United States of America in Newark.

Bruce Springsteen is going to appear before Anthony Mautone, the Judge, through a video conference. Although the entire proceeding will be just like a normal proceeding. He has no previous record of offenses in any federal court of law or any other state jurisdiction.

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