Elon Musk Just Became The Richest Person Around The World, Crossing Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon Musk became the richest person around the world just now, having a worth of over $185 billion. An increase in the price of Tesla’s share pushed Elon past Bezos who was the richest guy since 2017. Jeff Bezos is presently worth around $184 billion.

Growth Of Wealth Of Elon Musk Is The Quickest In History

The surge in the wealth of Elon Musk has been the quickest rise in history to become the leader of this rich list. It comes as a dramatic turnaround financially for the world’s most famed entrepreneur. He appeared in many papers’ headlines regarding the quick cash burn of Tesla and his leverage against his company’s stocks. Elon Musk began 2020 with a worth of around $27 billion and was not even on the list of top fifty richest people.

The surge in the share price of Tesla for around 9 times across the last year with his pay package managed to add over $150 bn to the net worth of Musk. Meanwhile, the share price of Amazon has not managed to increase by a lot due to a possible increase in the regulations of Washington. In July, Musk crossed Warren Buffet and became the 7th richest person. During November, Musk crossed Bill Gates and became the 2nd richest person.

Elon has managed to gain more than the net worth of Bill Gates,$132 bn, in the last 12 months. The shares of Tesla closed at $816.04 on Thursday, going up by 8%. The market value of Tesla is now over $760 billion. The Index of Bloomberg Billionaires stated that Elon Musk was within the net worth of $3 billion that Bezos has on Wednesday, even before the trading of Thursday. Forbes pegged the net worth of Bezos at $184.6 bn and the net worth of Musk as around $177.2 bn.