Embracing Own Body Is The Goal For Shania Twain

shania twain

As for the new album release Shania Twain posed for photos topless, breaking the stereotype of the perfect body or figure. She is 57 years old and learned things the hard way, and is now focused on young people who would do the same. This isn’t the first she has done something like that or made a bold move as an unspoken protest.

Shania Twain Reached A Milestone Of Emotions

Most women feel bad about reaching the menopause state and face a lot of hormonal imbalances that cause emotional outbursts and mostly stay emotional for long period. And Shania Twain in her own words is not emotional at all. She has done her part, had the best days of her life, and seized them. She did go through an emotional rollercoaster and gave herself more courage to handle them, she is stronger than that.

With the new photo of her album, she went topless and shared the photo on Instagram praising herself and her body, captioning them how confident she feels in her own skin and body, and fashion is her true self, not clothes.

And she doesn’t like to hide behind clothes. She was unashamed of her body and not only that photoshoot did make her feel good. She has been breaking boundaries since 1993 with her country music “what made you say that”.Shania Twain went through all kind of emotion a woman go through involving her body image, and stress about not being perfect. How every inch of her body questions herself.

She had to face those demons living inside her head alone, like every woman. However, she conquered them all and now praising herself like a goddess. And setting a standard for future generations.